So I am not a 911 fan per se but I really like the look of the slant nose. So I recently found out there was a factory option on certain 930 gen 911s to get the same look and this would be my starting point.

First change: Engine Swap. Insert 2.5 turbo from an STI (I know this could be seen as sacrilege but it would be mainly to get some sort of reliability and better parts availability). Find someway to fit a manual 5 or 6 speed (possibly sequential?).

Second Change: Pop-up headlight delete. I don't really like the look of pop-ups on these and it would get rid of the motors that would inevitably break and a pain in the ass to fix.

Third Change: Sunroof delete. Lighter, less electrics, no leaks, more headroom, etc. What's not to like?

Fourth change: Semi-stripped and caged interior. So strip out all the old electrics and dashboard.


  • Replace w/ sporty but still luxurious black seats with houndstooth inserts.
  • Black dash with modern yet simple stereo (possibly a custom iPad mini setup), simple climate controls (yes I want heat and AC), simple gauge cluster (only displaying speedo, tach, fuel, temp, odo, oil pressure, and boost pressure).
  • Rear seat delete (more cargo/dog room and no one is going to use those anyways)
  • Black cage (because no matter how much a car is worth/money you've put into it, it is still worth driving hard and I'd like to survive)
  • Electric window and mirror delete (I'll adjust by hand to save on the electrics headache)


Fifth change: Body work. Maybe add the turbo vents to portray it's new FI power plant. Get rid of all the plastic/rubber body pieces that are probably rotting anyways and replace with custom fabricated pieces to give it a clean look. Paint a similar (but not identical) scheme to Magnus Walker's track rat 911 though I'm thinking a light blue instead of copper and brown instead of black.

Also I would want to come up with a catchy name to put in carrera script along the side similar to the porschelump.


Sixth Change: Brakes, Tires, Suspension. I don't have the slightest clue to how these are but I imagine that some updating could be done.

That's it. With a starting point of $50k (though probably going to be much higher by the time I have the anywhere near the amount of money for such a project) I'd hope this could be done somewhere in the $100k range. What do people think? Is any part of this wishful build unrealistic? Is $50k in mods too high/too low? What would be your starting point?


If this ever came to fruition I don't think I'd care about the loss in value that all the mods would have on it and would only let it be bought by some one that would enjoy it as much as I would. Though I'd imagine by the time I have the money we'll all be carted around in autonomous cars, gas will be $20/gal, and driving will be punishable by death or exile Dark Knight Rises style /s


Bonus: Scarecrow gifs because I just realized it's the same dude **Mindblown**