Track Days

We all enjoy a fun track day. Pushing our cars/bikes to our limits sometimes the limit of the car. Going past. All good fun.

Saturday, I finally got to the track. After waiting give mouths for various reasons. It was an adventure. I love my bike. I’d marry it if Mrs. Future next gen S2000 would let me. The bike hasn’t lived a coddled life by any means. Dropped a few times, cracked head over last winter...


Towards the end of Saturday’s trackday I went out for what I thought would be my last session of the day. It definitely was that. Going into turn 6 at HPR that back end got squirrelly. That is where things go fuzzy. I was at the end of the braking zone about to initiate my lean. I don’t know if I over compensated and had too much front brake or I panicked and grabbed a handful of front brake. Both bad combinations. All I remember is the back end moving and realising I was going to go down. I remember my head hitting the pavement, and sky/ground as I rolled at least once.

The bike low sided and slid off the pavement coming to rest about 5-10 feet from the edge of the pavement with me sightly behind it. I was in one of the slower parts the track and at the end of the braking zone, so it was about the most gentle way to wreck. I put my slide at about ~50-70'.

I sat up for a moment, caught my breath, and stood up to let the track personnel know I was okay. They loaded up the bike and I took my second ride back to the pits - that another story, always check out new installs prior to going out on track. As I was going to check on getting some video from the track operators to see what happened the on site medical staff came rushing out the door. A rider went off at the end of turn 1, the second fastest part of the track. They didn’t get up which meant they needed help. I don’t know the extent of their injuries but the track went hot shortly after indicating the medical personnel released them. They were not taken to a hospital, which is a good sign.

Back to my initial point! Don’t cheap out on safety gear. That shit will literally save your life. My helmet won’t be used again but the ~500 I spent on it was worth every penny. My leathers are scuffed a bit but are okay. No road rash, just a bruise on my calf from the bike. I had a lingering headache that evening but it was gone by the next morning.


Have fun, push yourself, and us the right gear. Mountain roads are fun, but they are no substitute for having run off area and personnel to assist when things go wrong.


TLDR: Good gear is worth every penny.

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