Track Fight: The SCG003 vs. The RXC Turbo 500

The former wants to be the top dog in the 24 Hours of Nurburgring. The latter wants to outdo itself and be the fastest production car on that track. The former is a man's idea of a perfect road car you can race and a race car you can use to got to The Home Depot. The latter is a supercar enriched to weapon-grade refinement, made solely to kill anyone, including Mortal Opponauts.


Actually, both cars will kill Mortal Opponauts, but when they come out, whether or not they're dead or alive, they have changed. They become deities in the same league as Sabine Schmitz. OK, I exaggerated that one, but you'll get my point.

Both have V6's equipped with giant snails, but the former came from Honda, the latter, from Ford.

Both can't be bought by mere Mortal Opponauts, though we can badger Mr. Glickenhaus to build two for the community as something everyone can rent. He walks round here, anyway.

I think there has got to be a team that should run the RXC Turbo 500 for this year's N24, because I think fireworks will fly when these two meet in the Green Hell.


But who do you think will win? My $300 goes to Glick's car and team.

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