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Track night video

Tuesday was the first SCCA Track Night in America event in Texas! Held as usual at Motorsport Ranch Cresson, in lovely Cresson, Texas. The Course for the night was their 1.7 mile road course driven counter clockwise.

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The SCCA puts on a good event when it comes to this, and the crew running things has been doing this for several years, so they know the ins and outs of getting all of us out for some fun laps on track while keeping the novices from killing themselves and each other. I went out in the Intermediate group, because both the novices and Advanced folks scare me. The Novices because they don’t know at all what they’re doing and tend to make stupid mistakes, and the advanced folks because they want to pass anywhere on the track and not work together for a peaceful time.

So, here’s five minutes of video from my dash cam. I did record my sessions on the go-pros, but this seemed more interesting to me in the middle of the night yesterday when I was putting things together. Because of the way the Garmin dash cams are set up it would give an alarm and automatically record when it’s shock sensor thinks something has occurred. Throughout the video you will hear the chime as it thinks the excess G-forces I’m putting the car through in the corners upsets it. I added the title screen, but the video itself was entirely governed by the camera...

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