Owned by one of our members, this Z4M has just the right upgrades to be track ready, while also maintaining its street legal status. This guy has his kit honed in quite well, with pretty much everything he would need in the paddock short of hydraulic tools and a lift.

Being that the Z4 is not known for its storage capabilities, you may be wondering how this fellow pulls off such a feat. I was too at first, until I started poking around and asking questions. The interior is small in the Z4 to begin with, and usually adding a half roll-cage makes it smaller. The way the Z4 is set up you actually don't lose much storage space, if any, by adding the cage. He also bolted in some well bolstered race seats for good measure.

The engine remains essentially stock, just an RPI intake, as well as a combination of Remus and SuperSprint exhaust bits allow for slightly better breathing and a fantastically raspy yet drone-free tail pipe note. First thing I noticed when he popped the hood was the sexy strut braces. (apologies for the shit quality, I had to brighten it up to see the strut braces)


So where, you may ask, is the rest of his stuff? The trunk! The Z4M is one of a few sports cars (including most Corvettes) which have a truly impressive trunk. That, and the owner is a master Tetris player. He pops the trunk and goes, "Need to do brakes? Pull that box out. Need to jack it up? Jack's under there," as he rustles around pointing to different plastic boxes and deep corners of the trunk.


Showing up at a track day with just the car you're running, but all the stuff you might need (and probably something someone else will need) is pretty impressive. Usually when we (CCC) do track days we're rolling deep with our two car trailer, pop up tents, and all manner of trackside support. This Z4 setup is truly impressive, and as the owner said; only comes from 10 years of track days not having what you need, do you finally arrive at a concise kit such as this.

Very short vid of a few revs, the car wasn't fully warmed up so he didn't want to hit it too hard:


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