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Motorsports Ranch Cresson, TX 12/9/17

Saturday was the last SCCA Club Trials race of the season, I had already clinched the top spot in my class (Touring 1) by showing up to all the previous events (I was only beaten at the first event so there is a little legitimacy). My class consists of 86 twins, Miatas, and non-M E36 and E46 BMW’s (STX, STS, and STF autocross classes).

I beat out the unusually strong class showing and set a new personal best of 1:09.1 (that lap starts at 5:00 in the linked video) on the 1.3 at Motorsports Ranch in Cresson, TX. I spun during the last session, but only just barely went off track and didn’t damage anything.


This was my first event as an instructor, I picked a student that I know from autocross who drives a nearly identical car (her’s is a 2017 Toyota 86, mine’s a 2014 BRZ). Instructing went well; my student spun on the last lap of the last session (the only reason I was still in the car was that she hadn’t mastered driving and watching for flags and her mirrors at the same time). We went around at least 3 times and barely missed a culvert and tree stump/rock by, but nothing was damaged and no one was hurt (they threw the checkered flag while we were in the infield, so we didn’t even miss any laps and had an easier time merging back into the field).

Club Trials are a time trial event where you compete based on best lap time. Passing is by point-by only and only in designated passing zones. The cars are timed with transponders and classed with similar vehicles based loosely on SCCA autocross classes. I’m a big fan of the program and plan on making all the events again next year (the series is expanding to 9 races).

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