Parting shot over Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

Well, it finally happened. After eight years of talking my girlfriend’s (now wife) ear off about cars she progressed to on-track driving in her own Miata (MT). Safe to say we have come a long way from the Toyota Prius and Hyundai Elantra starter cars.

Admittedly it is awesome to have her share my hobby and genuinely enjoy herself. The hit to my wallet has not been much so far,but 2X pre-track inspection + track fees and consumables is a bit to swallow. You have been warned.

ND Miata body roll!

I still remember the nerves of my first track day years ago, barely able to sleep nor keep myself from trips to the luxurious track bathroom... Learning flagging, track etiquette, the racing line and a cars behavior at speed (and braking) can be overwhelming. Most of all, doing so while trying not to upset the other lunatics in their massively overpowered monsters.


She did well with the provided lead/follow instruction and picked up speed once I was able to provide in-car braking, turn-in, straighten out and throttle instruction. Front bumpers in her rear view mirror really set in the nerves and destroyed her focus - planning a less crowded weekday event next time.

Corkscrew! Not a bad line for the first time, fully loading the ND Miata suspension.


A big thanks to SpeedSF for another well run event, Trackspec Motorsports for the numbers (+ tire installation) and gotbluemilk for the great photos!

Gratuitous shot of my Z4M in its element.