Not bad for free. On and offline racing, editing, videos, almost infinite replay ghosts, one could remove a lot of spare time with this. And it's the one-car-demo.

Just get paid

It gets better, of course, with upgrades, but the core engine and lots of complex trickery can be done with no outlay.


Design your own track? Sure. Want the Top Gear track but with a big jump over water? sure. Don't think there's enough room to put the Nurburring on one plane, but about 30 levels and you can stack it in there with some inclines. 90 degree sideways? sure, just give some room to speed up.

You Will Know Which Key Resets The Race.

And the crazy crazy online races. Don't even have to drive.. Just sit back and watch German drivers respawning by the dozens like a bunch of Speed Racer ants on an Escher drawing.

I particularly like the track creator, but then the replay editor.. and the weird track features..

Just lacking some documentation, but, that's what the internet is for eh?

Now they're at Trackmania 2. My computer barely runs that. But 1 does fine.

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