Traction control off, LS6 On!!

So today a friend drove up from south FL so we could go get tuxedos for my upcoming wedding and since his delorean a shifter cable was shot he brought the '05 CTS-V. As soon as we were ready to leave he tossed me the keys. I may or may not have have been a little excited.

Once in the drivers seat he switched off traction control and told me to run through the gears. With another groomsman on the back seat that isn't into cars at all I told him to be prepared.


I let the hammer down and let the exhaust roar straight through the headers and Borla exhaust. I quickly reached 55MPH ;). So after tossing it around the twisties in my area we got our tuxedos and had some BBQ for lunch.

I may or may not have perma-grin.

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