So, for those not bored with these posts yet, I spent a bunch of time crawling through the “modified” section of the low HP tractor forums, as well as some diesel forums and the out look is good! Most seem to agree that these small, understressed diesels are *WAY*, *WAAAAAAY* understressed in order to provide bulletproof reliability even if you defer maintenance for years at a time. in short, here’s the basic steps to installing a turbo on a 1.5l 3cyl 28HP compact utility tractor diesel:

1) obtain a turbo (it has been suggested the unit from a 2.0T Saab is a good fit, and the waste gate is already set at 8PSI)

2) make sure you won’t make more than 10PSI boost (or install lower compression/forged pistons in which case go to 5)

3) fab an intake pipe, exhaust flange, and oil supply/drail line by whatever low-leak methods available on shoestring budget.

4) install turbo, gain 2-3HP.

4a) stick a high temperature probe in the exhaust flow, load the engine, and crank up the pressure screw in the injector block.


4b) If the EGT gets over 1100 degrees, or it starts to smoke, back it off a little bit.

4c) enjoy 50% more power (+~14HP = 42)!


5) install boost-regulated variable fuel pressure regulator, intercooler, water/methanol injection, maybe think about piston squirters too... Enter the local tractor pulls in the <3000lb class, kick ass, replace clutch, repeat.


6) Profit!