So, the tractor purchase is funded, transport (borrowed F350 and goose-neck) is secured for next weekend, and now it’s time to think about accessories...

“Now Jawz”, you may say, “the thing already comes with a loader, mower, snow-blower and grader blade, what else do you need?”

well, a better mower for one. One of the goals for this machine is to get us out from under the tyrany of Big Hay. We feed between 12-20 sheep over winter every year (depending on twinning rates and ewes vs rams and culls etc...) and that gets expensive. if we can make our own hay that can be a significant savings. We have access to hay fields that are currently being hayed by another local farmer, but the land lord has suggested that if we had the equipment to do it, he would have no problem with letting us hay them, or a portion of them, instead (he gets mown fields, we get hay. Even exchange). So a 5" drum mower is in our future. We can mow at about 8 MPH with a drum mower, and offers and offset cut. The brush-hog style mower it comes with offers neither of those abilities. With that will also be needed a rake, tedder, and baler... we’re probably going to sell the snow blower -unlike the tractor’s previous owners, we don’t have a 1/2 mile drive way to clear, the bucket alone is already 1000% better than manual shoveling- to fund some of the above. 60" PTO snow blowers are surprisingly valuable in used condition, so we might even be able to trade straight up for an older baler or mower if we can find someone wanting to make that deal....

so thats the nitty-gritty stuff, and some of you may have even found that interesting, but here’s where the fun starts: this tractor has a cab. It has an ancient Panasonic AM/FM/Weather/Cassette stereo. It needs an upgrade.

We’re thinking a JVC Media Deck (no optical drive, just flash memory, AM/FM/Satellite and USB ports) and some Yamaha all-weather speakers to replace the Realistics (blecK!) it’s got in there now... and then there comes the question of if we add a subwoofer.... my brother has old Rockford Fosgate 500.2 and a dual 12" truck box that will easily fit behind the seat in the cab.


have we gone to far?