So, It appears that The GF and I will be purchasing a nice, clean, low hours (0ny 1300!) Ford/New Holland 1720 utility tractor. This is a Japanese-made machine from Shibaura, and features such things as a 1.5l OHV 3-cylinder mechanical-injection diesel (reputed to be nearly indestructible) rated at 28 flywheel HP and 24 PTO HP (540 rpm). It has a Ford 7108 loader, 1 hydraulic remote, manual-shifted 4wd, 12-speed shuttle transmission, a soft-side cab with AM/FM/ Stereo casette radio, fan, wiper and front and rear glass (rear glass is optional, most of them have plastic rear windows)

It also comes with some useful, but probably to-be-sold attachments, a 5ft brush-hog (we may keep this one), a rear blade, and a 70" PTO snowblower (waaaaay overkill for our needs). We’re primarily going to be using it for pasture maintenance for the sheep, and mucking the bedded pack from the barn after winter. We are also hoping to find a cheap old square baler and a nice mower so we can actually make hay with it (28HP is enough) and become independent of the wiles of the local hay merchants/cartels. Sadly this means I will NOT be buying a Husqvarna 701 Supermoto in the near future, as this ends up being just about the same price all in... but it’s not ruled out forever! The tractor can theorhetically enhance income as well, which with my skills is NOT something the 701 is ever likely to do. The tractor is also far, far cheaper per pound than the Husky ;P

we also saw this neat little thing while we were out, it’s an old, old row cultivator (Allis-Chalmers G, I beleive) with a modern 2-cyl diesel grafted on to it, I can’t tell if its a Yanmar or a Hatz, but it’s a cool little hack-job none-the-less.