Trade Happenings

Finally made another trade!
Sunday morning swap: Gibson Epoch Guitar for nice set of regulation size cornhole boards with a local brewery’s logo on them

I have a set of bags that I’m going to include in the swap to make the set more appealing. Targeting a highish price point of $150, up from the $130ish guitar. Baby step on this one, but I think it will pay off.


I sat on the guitar a lot longer than expected to be honest. I had some cash offers and was leaning heavily towards taking one until I found these.

The iPad mini has turned in to a Christmas gift for my young cousin. Her brother is getting a hand-me-down iPad and this makes it so they both have one. I purchased some accessories for it; case to make it kid proof and, to ease the stress on my uncle, a mixture of long and short charging cables with good car and wall chargers to handle everything. Leaving headphones on the table for someone else to get.

Follow the trade steps back through this link! TL:DR I started with a paperclip now we here.


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