These are more trades that I got this week. Another from GRawesome, one from JQJ, and a couple more from Frosted and Philipphilip.

A low and slow Lincoln Continental from JQJ

A couple cool Toyotas, the 87 from GRawesome and the FJ40 from Philipphilip

A 67 Chevy C/10 from Frosted that looks ready to tear up a quarter mile


A slammed 83 Chevy from Frosted, showing the kids what lowered is all about

A big bad and unpainted Chevy Silverado from Philipphilip

I rarely even buy cars for myself anymore. I'm constantly trading. The Hot Wheels Exchange Program is awesome! Long live the Exchange!


Sometimes my baby brother surprises me and buys a car for me (ok he convinces our mom to buy it.) Yesterday he got me this cool truck series circle track racer!


This is a product of boredom from the other day. Datsun 620 turned keychain!