In a never-ending quest to be more fiscally responsible, I was looking for ways to reduce my car payments and also get another vehicle in the household with an automatic transmission, so I started hunting for a replacement for my STI. In an effort to find something sensible, durable, yet somewhat cool and unique, I went back to my old standard of police vehicles. Back when I lived in MI, I used to buy Crown Vics and Tahoes from the State of Michigan, fix them up, drive them for a bit and sell them for a few bucks profit. I learned this practice from my father who did the same thing through most of my youth.

Anyways, a 2014 Ford Police Interceptor Utility popped up at a local dealership this weekend. It only had 21k miles on it and looked quite promising. Unfortunately it isn’t an ecoboost (It has a 3.7l 304hp V6), but besides that, it’s pretty much everything I wanted.

I inspected it and took it for a drive today. It has never been used as a police vehicle and was traded in locally by a local police officer who use it as his daily driver. After a short bit of negotiating I put down a deposit! I pick it up on Wednesday and will be using it to drive my kids down to Disney next weekend!

Overall, I cut $200/month off my car payment over the exact same term and cut another $30/month off insurance. I’m pretty happy with that.


I already ordered these hubcaps along with a few other accessories.

Be prepared for a full review in the next few weeks explaining both the positives and negatives of Police Vehicle ownership.