So I’ve enjoyed my 2006 G35 coupe for a long time, but I’ve always been tempted to get into something more interesting to me. How bad of an idea is it?

(random internet representation. mine is pretty beat-up these days.)

if I could trade (plus cash on the other end) into something perhaps more obscure, but more interesting in my mind. This car would become my new daily driver, and be subject to long trips and regular miles.
some cars on my list include:
a Subaru SVX. (I have project car plans for the future for one of these)

an Alfa Romeo Spider or a 164. (although the spider does not necessarily have all the qualifications I’d want.)


a manual transmission Mazda 6 wagon (project car plans here as well)

an LT1 B-body wagon perhaps.


Buick Reatta

As you can see, there’s a ton of different cars I’m interested in all over the automotive spectrum.

EDIT: inexplicably I forgot about my love for the Toyota MR-S. but then again, I can’t find any for reasonable prices.


If you’ve got other suggestions, comments, criticisms, I’m all ears.
I’d like:
Automatic climate control. (one of the things I just really enjoy on the G35) or at least good a/c and heat.
at least let it FEEL reasonably quick.
Not the worst reliability (I WAS going to add RX-8s to this list, but...)
an okay stereo.
decent gas mileage. (I get 25 combined out of the G these days.)

PS: I realize the answer is always Miata. I suppose I could trade it in on a new ND..those are gorgeous...