Ok, so I love my car. Ever since I bought it, I've said that there isn't a car under $20k that I would want instead of what I currently have. Driving past a used G-wagon yesterday though, I started to think crazy thoughts.

Who says there isn't another car that I would want? What if, instead of shopping around for cars that I might want to buy, I put my car up on Craigslist, not for sale, but for trade.


Sure, I'll probably get plenty of people who want to trade their Chevy Lumina, a dirtbike, and two lawnmowers to me, but who's to say that I wouldn't find someone with something awesome to trade instead? After all, it's not like I drive an Astro. A 540i with the M-sport package and 6MT is a pretty desirable car to the right person, and surely there's a guy out there who looks at his 911 every morning and wishes he had an extra set of doors, right?

Am I absolutely out of my mind here, or is this something that people actually do successfully?

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