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Trading Up-date: The Sega Saga

Next round: Sega Genesis with one controller and Frogger AND a Dreamcast with one controller and no games (but it’s an OG that can play burnt games if you’re in to that)

Thanks to the Boring Cars insta I was able to connect with a guy locally to trade the core 2 quad and i5 processors for these two systems. I still have the i3 and two 2 gb sticks of DDR3 RAM plus an assortment of small goodies. I’m thinking these will have some fun next steps, aiming for a big swing forward.


Both work well and seem to be in overall good condition. Thinking I may beef up the Dreamcast with a bundle of game copies since I have a bunch of dreamcast game files for an emulator.

So what say you oppo, any interest in helping me trade up?

Steps so far:
Start: Paperclip
Trade 1: paperclip for three intel CPUs (core 2 duo, i3, and i5) plus a couple sticks of ram thanks to CBell04!


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