Traffic Jams -- Let's get (comfortably) weird weekend deluxe four-pack edition

For those times you find yourself in the mood to let your freak flag fly, but are surrounded by those who just ain't got it and probably ain't gettin' it anytime soon. These three will help break the uninitiated into the world of weird music nice 'n easy. Insert your own sexual reference here.


Jai Paul is weird because he has made exactly two songs, and they both kick ass. Nobody knows anything about him, he stays almost 100% out of the public eye, but every time he releases a track, Europe blows up like angry dudes with funny mustaches have come back in style.

His first song, BTSTU, absolutely exploded in 2011, leading the BBC to declare his single the hottest record in the world despite having only one song on it.


Crazy pseudoelectronica not your style? I GOT YOU, HOMIE.

The Dirty Projectors have been around long enough to have an "early years" section on wikipedia, and for Matt Hardigree to have gone completely through a phase where he was totally into them and is now onto new things. That doesn't change the fact that they are perfect for making people go "What the hell is this?! Oh, good. Good is what the hell this is."

Have fun kids, be safe, always use a condiment, and don't forget to neuter your pets and hug your loved ones. Or hug your pets and neuter your loved ones. Just make sure somebody ends up feeling warm and fuzzy and somebody ends up incapable of breeding.

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