Most drivers are morons.

If people would pay attention to their daily drive, they'd quickly learn where the bottlenecks are and how to avoid them. It just blows my mind that folks can be so oblivious to the notion that if they move over here and now, even if it's slower moving at this moment, in 500 feet it'll pick up, while the lane they're in will come to a stop because of merging traffic.

This morning some joker in a Caravan with New York plates barreled past me on the shoulder, forced his way into traffic well past the merge, intimidated another driver into letting him merge into another lane before it was legal, cut back and forth across lanes, all of which were bumper to bumper and stop and go. Meanwhile I took my time, merged when I was supposed to, picked the lane I knew moved the fastest, and by the time I got to my exit I'd lost sight of him... behind me.