I hate these things, especially in rush hour traffic...

  1. Leaving a gap between you and the car in front, big enough for someone to cut you off. (In rush hour traffic)
  2. Last minute lane changers, everyone knows where the damn exit is, why wait?!
  3. Brake pedal riders. Are they really stopping? I mean come on, use a lower gear!
  4. Manual, hard engine brakers, Dont do this in rush hour traffic, this is just dumb, you are probably wearing out your clutch, and you for sure arent giving adequate warning to those behind you, that you are slowing down significantly.
  5. People who shoulder ride to get further ahead on a merge. Its a merge, not a damn race for position, we are all going 3 mph already, you arent getting to your destination any faster.
  6. People who box you out of a merge. If you didnt want someone to get in front of you, dont stay in the merging lane. Dont push people onto the shoulder just cause you dont want someone in front of you. If i could charge these people for all the tires ive had to change because ive had to swerve into the shoulder and pick up a nail or screw... People need to learn the zipper merge
  7. People who look at the passenger that they are talking to more than they look at the road. For sure just waiting to rear end.
  8. Tailgaters... who doesnt hate tailgaters
  9. Women putting on makeup... do not do that shit behind the damn wheel! Do it at home, do it at work, do it while someone else is driving, just dont do it while you are driving yourself. if i see you doing something with your eyes, I WILL HONK, if you poke your own eye out, NOT MY FAULT.
  10. People who leave a huge gap in front of them, then speed up when you try to pass them or need to get into that gap so that you can be in the right lane to make an exit, so that you arent one of those people in #2!!!