-Flying cars?

I think autogyros would be an awesome way to provide air transport to the masses, it would bypass traffic, and make commuting safer from other drivers driving like idiots a few feet away from your door.

However, these flying cars are legally required to takeoff and land at an airport with ATC clearance and a flight plan. So that might put a damper in your commute time.

On the other hand, there are self-driving cars:

It would still stick you in the middle of traffic, very much like a personal chauffeur or a personal bus/train carriage. But you wouldn't have to worry about speeding tickets, reckless driving hand-cuffings, special licenses (as you would with the PAL-V autogyro-cycle), or staying awake (like the PAL-V).

You could spend your time doing more interesting things than inching forward in traffic or looking around to see if you have space to merge. Or you can chose the flying car and have even more fun than sneakily doing some burnouts/doughnuts/powerslides/0-60 pulls before work without getting a ticket from your neighborhood 5-0.

However, the issues with flying cars might be able to be smoothed over if state DOTs/Transport Ministries would build community airstrips —that would have a toll to pay for the ATC/maintenance— on the edges of major metropolises specifically for gyrocopters (and other low-stall-speed crafts that would put minimal wear and tear on the strip). Along with a phone app to file a rudimentary flight plan/check airspace/request clearance to take off from secluded strips of road.

So, which one would you prefer over our current system of highways and self driving automobiles?