So last year saw a lot of changes in my life. I started a new job, moved into the city and even got a post shared to the front page on how I planned on dealing with traffic on my new-found commute.

Since day one of my new position I tracked how long it took for me to get to work each morning. I did this for my 33-ish mile commute from just south of Boston to my office near New Hampshire as well as my current 25-ish mile commute from the city itself. There are various routes I could take from each location and I differentiated those as well but here I will expand on some trends I noticed over 219 entries.

Top: south of Boston 2015, Middle: Boston 2015, Bottom: Boston 2016

What I immediately noticed is that cutting 8 miles from my commute decreased my time by at least 2 minutes a mile. Which basically told me that reverse commuting is fantastic! Though heading home to the city can be a cluster, heading to work generally isn’t bad at all.


Now, in regards to days of the week, the 200+ entries I have all say the same thing: Wednesdays are the worst commuting day and Fridays are the best. In my mind, this makes sense. Monday and Friday can make long weekends for people so they are more likely to be vacation day targets whereas Wednesday is not. Wednesday is literally the hump day in the curve.


I’ve been tracking based on weather as well but do not have any conclusive evidence of trends outside of the general statement “commute time increases if stuff falls from the sky.”

So there you have it. Wednesdays are the worst days to commute to work on. If you want an easy drive, try Friday...though the evening commute may be stacked with people going to the city/nearest destination.


Anyone notice anything about their drives or commutes? What factors affect you?