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Trail Rated

Remember that time Jeep tried to convince people, with a straight face, that the Compass trailhawk was a compitent off road vehicle?

I particularly like 1:03 where they talk about “climb[ing] over that rock smoothly” when the visual is a hard bump with some wheel air time and a cut before showing that it didn’t...actually...make it up the hill.

Also at :45 here where you get into a lot of articulation. Not shown: that.

Also that it just ends abruptl

So in case you were wondering what “trail rated” means I spent some time looking into it instead of sleep and I have discovered that it IS actually a thing. In that a test center contracted by FCA called the NATC (nevada automotive test center) “certifies” certain models of Jeep that pass a set of 5 criteria in the following categories:

Traction - Does it have some?

Water Fording - Can it get a little wet?

Maneuverability - Does the steering wheel function?

Articulation - Does it have springs?

Ground clearance - Are those springs not failed?

If it passes this rigorous independent testing its certified “trail rated”

Hyperbole aside I like the looks of the compass, I like that they tried...especially in this segment...and I like that it probably IS the best off roader in its class but I think we can all agree this silly, even for Jeep.


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