Some of you might remember this post on Jalopnik last year regarding financial donations for the "Easier Said Than Done" film. Well, it's [almost] here and it looks incredible! Matthew Johnston's pet project started as a small documentary following a few drivers in the American rally scene, but thanks to all of you who donated and supported the project (and Matt's "never good enough" mentality) the film has exploded into a massive behind-the-scenes look at the rallying spectrum, from regional events all the way up to the WRC. Matt literally traveled the globe making this film, shooting in eight different countries. Along the way he utilized every bit of cinematic technology he could get his hands on: helicopters, quad rotors, cable cams, and those glorious slow-motion-rally-porn-creating high speed cameras. The trailer contains brilliant footage, and I can't wait to see the film when it's released late September. You'll recognize several names from Dusty Ventures' rally driver live Q&A's. Chris Duplessis is one of the main feature drivers in the film, along with Gymkhana star Ken Block. Antoine L'Estage, David Higgins, Mason Moyle, Alex Kihurani, and Nick Roberts also make appearances, along with WRC legends such as Petter Solberg. The film will make its official release on September 28, followed by internet release on October 1.

I think when it comes out we should all enact Dusty's plan:

I'm going to buy a ton of copies of the DVD and just hand it out all over the place.

"Excuse me, sir. Have you accepted rally into your life as your personal lord and savior?"

"Have you been witness to the holy rally lights?"