What’s that smell? Burning oil, scorched brakes, coolant? N-no... I think that’s Adventure!

Well, soon enough. The tires are on, along with some custom spacers I machined, and my engineered lift kit. The balance is off, so I’m going to have to take it to a shop and get them balanced a little better. Doesnt matter, drove it 45 miles on it’s maiden voyage today. The picture doesnt really show how massive it looks with the lift kit, and how much ground clearance it has (15 inches!)

It wanders a little with those softer tires, so will have to bump the PSI up some. Also, I think my u-joints or a bearing somewhere is bad in the rear. Will have to double check.

That busted Stereo is killing me. It’s SO coming out. Ham, GMRS, and CB radios going on next, along with new interior carpet, and some hinge work on the drivers door. A rear brake job is in order. I thought it would last longer, but the parking bakes are sticking. After that, perhaps some new headlights, build a rack, and some addon lights...