Took the truck on a nice little offroad ride along the river front, digging through several feet of mud, river rocks, sand, and in general, getting into all manner of trouble. All said, it was 6 and a half miles of unpaved, fresh after rain deep mud and rock.

The 4 wheel drive doesnt seem to be properly engaging, will have to double check this. Could be the infamous axle disconnector not doing its job. Its easily rebuilt or replaced. I also think I either popped the axle seals or the CVs. I’ll eyeball it after a hot powerwash and some time on the lift. Rear locker worked a treat.

Fuel economy is just around 15mpg, a mix of 75 highway and 25 city. I will do a full tuneup on the engine, oil and coolant again, and check both diffs. I THINK the throttlebody or VVT actuator are being troublesome. Both are easily resolved.