Well.. not exciting. Seems the prior rebuild of the transmission went to crap. Some lazy bastard (prior owners transmission guy?) reused the torque converter, and rebuilt it with non carbon fiber clutch. This kills the transmission, since it’s a pcm lockup converter trans. Also looks like the reverse input bushing was ignored. That’s kind of a nono. At least it has the 5 gear planetary, making it a 4l65e.

So, I went to town and built it.. better. I’m not really a transmission guy, but the 4l60e is so well documented and required only minor rebuild. But why stop there and make this an easy job? Lets install upgraded 3-4 clutches, the ‘beast’ sunshell, sonnax aluminum pistons, transgo kits, and make an easy 3 hour job into a friggin 6 hour marathon. I’d have taken pictures, but lets just pretend its a huge pile of foul smelling, gooey sludge and parts, which turns into a pile of not broken parts that smell less foul.

Rebuild went fine, road test did not. Balling along at 70MPH, the tire decided that being tired shaped was a lot of work, and some of the tread struck out on it’s own.

After the chunk of tread rubber engaged in it’s own impromptu space program, I actually realized I don’t have a proper sized spare... So, i limped the truck home 5 miles at 25mph. This happened Friday at around 8pm. So, I sent this picture, a copy of my invoice, and a picture of my odometer to the tire maker’s warranty email. I have to give them credit, they called me this morning bright and early to let me know they had shipped out a replacement, and gave me a tracking number. Shoutout to Treadwright for standing behind their product.


Next items are a basket on the roof, and a 100 watt solar panel or two. I’m going to do a nice writup on my next trip and gmrs radio install in the coming weeks! And.. possibly a winch install. bought a used warn for 260 bucks!