I’ve been to Sweden several times and have never succeeded in finding an A-traktor. A what? An A-traktor. Yes, the link is in Swedish. Google Translate is your friend. A-traktorer, to save ploughing through the link in Google English, are a means whereby young Swedes can get to drive a vehicle on the road without having to be 18. The vehicle is supposedly a farm tractor and to qualify as such it needs to meet several requirements. Get a bit creative and all manner of unexpected machines can be yours. Restricting the speed to 30 or so km/h is done by locking out all gears except first and maybe second so you’ll be going around with lots of revs.

Anyway, I was strolling around early this week when I heard the sound of somebody proceeding with an unexpectedly high number of revs for such a low speed. It was a Merc W210 pickup conversion, just like this:


On the back was to be seen a large red triangle. An A-traktor in the wild!. Beside myself with excitement Quite interested I trotted after it hoping for a picture at the next traffic lights, but sadly it wasn’t that slow and trundled out of sight.

So, something else crossed off the bucket list.

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