Just saw this from TranBC, which is kind of the “blog” of our Province’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. They have been digitizing 16mm “photologs” (still images taken every 80ft for road engineers to study without going all the way out there) that they took back in 1966.

Here is British Columbia Highway 8 (Nicola Highway), westbound from Merritt to Spences Bridge, in 1966:

Unfortunately, I seemed to have always done this road EASTbound, from Spences Bridge to Merritt... at least according to my own video catalogue. So, here is mine, taken in June 2018:

It was done as a part of this trip:


Something to be remedied, methinks!

Click here for the post, where it sounds like they will be adding more in the future. The other one they have up right now, British Columbia Highway 12 from Lillooet to Lytton, I have only done once in my GoPro era, and I only kept the video that noted the fallen rocks.

Here is mine anyways, taken in August 2014:

Also something I plan on remedying soon....


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