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Trans Am Moving Plans

Every day, I will attach a part or in another way prepare the Trans Am(ess) to be towed to the new house at the end of April. I will literally #WRENCHEVERYDAY

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Everything it needs to roll onto a flatbed or tow dolly (haven’t decided which yet) needs to be reinstalled, including everything else that’s cumbersome and can easily be bolted on so it doesn’t need to be hauled seperately.

Last night I attached the dash more permanently, and installed the steering column.

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I committed a sin and used a metric 14mm socket on a 9/16 nut... my 9/16 socket is cracked. I am sorry.


Next I went to bolt in the seats I have that are out of a ‘79. The rails are in OK shape but were rusted stuck after sitting in my garage for years.... I PB Blasted them and got the rails to move, but both seats need new springs/wires that can be had for cheap on eBay:

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The driver’s seat has a bit of fire damage to the foam (don’t ask) and I can find that cheap too, but even with the fire and 40 years of use, I found a quarter and the build sheet to the ‘79 stuck between the rail and the foam!

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Its a little worse for wear, and once I take the seats apart at a MUCH later date, I’m sure I’ll find more pieces. And quarters. Hopefully.

So yeah, things I NEED to do to tow it:

  • Install front subframe
  • Install steering wheel
  • Install seats the rest of the way (my bolts were too short and I was too lazy last night to find the box that has the bags of bolts to find if I even HAVE the originals) with new bolts I’m ‘borrowing’ from work
  • Check over rear brakes and differential

Optional items:

  • Install rear shocks (I have none atm)
  • Install rear glass
  • Install latches and glass in doors
  • Install doors
  • Install rad. support
  • Install bumpers
  • Install fenders nose and hood

.... And throw all other small parts in cabin and trunk.

I’d like to get as much of that done as possible, plus having the car mostly together for the first time since I’ve owned it, and probably since it was last on the road back in 1999 is kinda cool.

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