Had an hour to kill between picking up daughters from dance, so I got some work done.

Built out subframes are heavy, please team lift/move

I started with using the bolts I borrowed from work and installed the seats securely.

With the flash on, my potato-phone really brings out the need to re-dye those seat bolsters someday.


I installed the shittier of the two stock steering wheels I have. I wanted to put the horn button on, but have no idea what box its in.


Then I took a seat. Its been a while since I’ve been behind the wheel of my own Firebird...

Then I decided to take off the drums and see... eww. Lets just make sure they’re free’d up and put them back on. Eww. I also checked the rear end and eww. Its got fluid. Stinky, but full.


I then crawled under to make sure all the hangers and shackles were bolted tight, and made sure I had hardware to put on shocks and.... I found a nasty surprise.

While I knew there was rot on the trunk floor, I did NOT know it extended into the left rear frame rail. Shit. Now I gotta cut the floor out and patch this, its where the rear shackle mount is. Quite important.


Strangely, though there are bigger rust holes in the trunk on the passenger side, THAT frame rail is clean. I think. Guess I’ll find out.

After that depressing news, I brought the front subframe down and placed it in front of the car as that’s the next project, getting that bolted back up. At least from there on there should be no more surprises.....


Well, except for EVERY castle nut on the rebuilt front suspension missing its cotter pin. Oh well, its ONLY going 12 miles to the new house...