Trans Am On A Spit

Finished my ghetto rotisserie.


I was worried about getting the height and angles 100% right but on its first test rock (not quite a full spin because its not high enough to clear the ground/stand legs) the slop in the head of the engine stands made up for the lack of perfection.

The pallet is just there to keep the rocker from hitting the floor if I rotate it too far, plus when the entire weight of the car is resting on the lock pins in the stand’s heads I wanted a little extra security.

Its more stable than it looks, and I can access most of the problem areas I have to fix the rust on.


Plus I taught myself how to weld (finally) using my harbor freight flux wire welder. Used a whole roll to make the braces, and after a bit was laying down beads like this:


And so far, its all holding together nicely. So those spots in the frame rail I need to cut away and either weld in new rail, or plates to patch holes I feel confident it’ll be strong enough.

The rest is just sheet metal patching. Easy.

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