...At the mechanic, because I don't have the time or the facilities to do it. Thanks Andy the mechanic! I feel a little bad for my SHO, was supposed to be done at 60k and I am at 65k-ish. But it's a whole lot better than a lot of people that don't pay attention at all i suppose.

Pictured, not my car, pictured is a Saab. Anyways, last oil change I got they tried to convince me that i should do it there, because a mechanic will *only* drop the pan, which will only get like 10-20% of the fluids, he goes "we do a flush, which makes sure you get all new fluid". A flush is the last thing I want, unless something changed that I don't know about. I'm told dropping the pan is the proper way to do it, so the pan can be cleaned, all the fluid drained and then add fluid, rather than forcing a bunch of fluid through the trans by means of a flush, picking crud up off the pan and depositing it all over the trans.