Illustration for article titled Transmission issue on Project Colony Ship.

Been driving the’87 Colony Park a bunch and the AOD trans behind the 5.0 is acting up. When warm it seems to sometimes hunt between gears when driving at a steady speed on surface streets. The car will also shudder like the engine is missing at lights, but smooths out if i put it inneutral. And randomly It will shudder when pulling away until it downshifts and drives normally.


I was warned of the AOD issue where the bushing for the trans cable on the throttle body fails and the cable comes loose. However after ordering a new bushing and digging into it the bushing is still intact. The cable is adjustable but i don’t know how it should be adjusted.

Fluid level is good with bright red fluid and no burned smell, so i am at a loss. Does this have a vacuum line or something else to check, or have i gotten into “take it to a shop” territory (auto trans internals are a black box to me).

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