I’ve recently started to experience a transmission issue, that my google-fu has failed to find a reason for.

The subject is a New Venture T355 5-spd manual out of a 2008 Patriot. It has 126k miles. It’s on its second clutch and slave cylinder, otherwise untouched, save for the trans fluid (more on that in a sec).

It has started this issue where, if parked in neutral, there are times it doesn’t want to go into gear. Likewise, if I pull up to a stop while in gear and holding the clutch, there are times where it doesn’t want to come out of gear. While driving, it shifts fine, though it feels a bit more notchy lately.

Any ideas?

As to the trans fluid... a buddy of mine convinced me to try this bio-synthetic, non-petroleum trans fluid when he did my clutch. It has worked great (about 40k miles), but could it be at the end of its lubrication lifespan?


EDIT: I am a dumbass. I asked him, he said he kept the tranny fluid in when he did the job. So I’m just running trans fluid thats 126k miles old.

Thank you all for the responses!