[Edited for readability] Changed the transmission on the Pajero once again.

1st trans was a KM145, it broke while pulling my 505 V6 on a trailer (5th gear disappeared mysteriously)

2nd trans was a KM145, worked until I swapped the engine for a more powerful one.


3rd one, which came in with the new engine, was a second gen V5MT1, with longer gearing than the first gen V5MT1. But was also longer than the first gen, so the rear shaft damaged the transfer case housing.

4th one was the first gen V5MT1 that came with the engine. It started growling a few weeks ago.

5th one is the gen2 V5MT1, but with the shorter transfer case of the gen1.

Reverse: next one will probably be a gen1 V6 gearbox we have laying around with a modified clutch disk (the input shaft on the V6 is thicker, and the V6 clutch plate is 15MM too wide for the turbo diesel clutch)


Long story short: I have way too much free time, and too many broken cars.

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