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After diagnosing my issue as either a pilot bearing or a throwout bearing (it ended up being the pilot), I decided to get a light flywheel and sports clutch to make the labor cost really worth it. Both pieces from 949/SuperMiata. The clutch a sport organic clutch designed for the 1.6l and the flywheel an 8 lb billet aluminum piece. Going with the 1.6l clutch and flywheel ultimately saves a few lbs of weight, which is what my build is ultimately focused around.

Transmission out be cleaned before reinstallation.
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Stock flywheel 19lbs < aluminum flywheel 8 lbs

This weight difference itself would be significant, but being one of the most crucial components in the driveline this will be night and day difference from stock. Also worth noting the lighter flywheel will not do much to mask drivetrain noise. So some noise is a byproduct and for me a non issue.

New clutch and flywheel in Arisu!
Photo: HP Motors

After being car-less (not careless) for 3 days, I headed down with my buddy to pick up Arisu! Going with the recommendation from my mechanic, also installed was a new aluminum shifter bushing. It goes on the end of the turret in place of the plastic piece Mazda originally included. This part is from Mazdaspeed, made for Spec Miata racers. My thoughts on this to come another time.


With everything installed Arisu was lowered down from the lift and parked in front of the shop. After talking to the shop owner about cars for a... while, I was ready to head out. Then I mentioned I was planning a racing harness install and they happened to have exactly what I was looking for unused, that a friend of theirs had gave to them to sell. It was clearly meant to be and they gave me a good deal on it. That install will wait for my harness bar to arrive (regretting not getting the built in one with my roll bar).

My buddy had gotten bored of all the car talk (it had been a couple hours to be fair) and left by this point, but it was finally time to set off and drive Arisu for the first time in 3 days. First impressions were drastic.


After stalling (I hadn’t done that in a while), I drove off. The acceleration was quick. Revs went up faster and dropped faster as well. Clutch feel and engagement is so different now. Pedal travel is less. I have to be quicker and more precise on clutch release and rpms than before. Rev matching on downshifts are so easy now. It is training my left foot to be more sensitive. This should be required from the factory.

Before = Truck; After = Sports car

I have more updates coming shortly... The weight reduction continues (bye passenger air bag) and I have the part that should fix my headlight switch. A 6 point harness install, and more to come!


Thanks for reading Oppo!

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