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Transmission Woes And The Drag of Waiting For Parts

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The Drift Fridge has been playing up, hanging in gears and shifting rough. It’s also leaking trans fluid, but for the life of me I can’t figure out where from. This hasn’t been a lot of fun, and I’m trying to take this thing on a roadtrip soon so I need it in tip top form.

I decided to change the transmission filter because the last time I faced this issue (in a 1992 Falcon), a filter change sorted it right out. That was much worse, however - the transmission was literally stuck dead in second and overheating like crazy until I swapped it.


Anyway, it’s been hot as hell here the last few weeks so naturally I decided to cut corners. I threw it up on ramps behind the MX-5 and began work. I’ve mostly been driving the Volvo since the Mazda has both no air conditioning and a painfully unpractical racing seat.

After a good hour’s work dropping the pan and getting drenched in red fluids, I finally free the filter... and the aluminium block it bolts on to... damaging the block’s gasket in the process. Naturally, it’s just my luck that the filter kits only come with one filter gasket, not two - as they don’t expect you to remove the block in the process.

I’m now waiting on parts, so the Volvo will be out of action for the rest of the weekend and I’ll be forced to sweat it out in the race car. I had to push the Volvo off its ramps just to get the MX-5 out because I was too stupid to move it in the first place. I’m particularly mad because the whole point of the Volvo is it’s supposed to be a daily for when the Mazda’s out of action, not the other way around.


Serves me right for choosing a 1988 turbo car with 330,000 km on the clock as a “daily”.

*rolls eyes*

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