On clearance in the toy department at $10 apiece, they can participate in the stunts..

Or record every angle (if and when all the cameras work at once- I ended up with 5)


Quality: meh-ish, two modes, AVI at 720p or 1400x1200 still frames each second.

Internal battery charged by the USB port. one LED to indicate status. It just is working or it isn't. Folders of 1000 frames each, but this lets you drop frames that you want to.

Yeah, it drops frames. My timing might have been out of sync, but they don't seem to record the same number of frames in equal amounts of time. Close, though.

All fisheye, but software can de-bubble it for the most part. But you aren't going to get GoPro levels out of it. But you can determine angles that work. Even RCR uses a GoPro. I of course got a clearance one that isn't...


A real action camera in comparison.

A bit superior, yes.

Considering the Spygear Panovision is from the toy department, worth it at $10.


Focus isn't bad, but I expect those Cracker-Jack-Prize fisheyes aren't going to last very long. And you often will get a picture of the inside of the sensor-to-lens area. For me that's okey dokey. Art.

Original price of $60? not so much. May as well save up for the $200 cameras.

I prefer stills because art, speed and often bits are boring and slicing apart a AVI files is not appealing to me.


And then take things like VirtualDub and muck with it. It's like a paintbrush.

Much of what is 'wrong' was introduced by my processes.. art, some interpret as.


But I'm of the philosophy of break cheap to earn expensive. Lose a mount and trash the camera? Oh well, out $10 and have a set of parts for the next break. .

Actually, I re-used the dead camera's 2GB memory card in one that lost its card after flying off the mower blades. Like I said, participatory.


. 1 out of 5 edits crash Youtube's processors. I'm so proud.

So yeah, something to film an object that might not come back? Go for it.

Not waterproof. Stop expecting quality here, it's the cheapest thing in retail.

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