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Trashy people, now I'm the trashy neighbor.

My wife hosted a baby shower today (not ours). I came home later to find that someone who was presumably double-parked in our driveway — instead of asking someone to love — drove off my my driveway and through my neighbor’s (which might technically be ours? But he mows it. Whatever) and through the fucking lawn. Like 12 FEET into the lawn away from driveway. The tire tracks indicated they backed into a rose bush at least twice, making minimum correctional turns. They drove straight over the street curb, made no attempts to get back on the pavement once they passed around the vehicle that was behind them. It was only one of two vehicles that were trapped and neither party will own up to it. I think alcohol may have been involved. Enough to hop a curb and drive through someone’s lawn, anyway.


Now I get to talk with my neighbor and leave him with a nice taste in his mouth. “Wow, when the new neighbors have people over, they drive over my rose bushes. Sweet.”

As I sit here venting via texting because we still have some people staying over and I can’t use choice language, my neck is tired from shaking my head for the last five minutes.


UPDATE : Knocked on their door, no one was home. Came home to write a note for them. Mid-progress, I get a knock on my door. It’s my neighbor and she was none too happy. May have damaged their sprinkler system.


Mmmmmmmmmmmm good thing neighbor feuds never materialize from such minor things and are easily solved before they escalate, right? Hahahaha no wait: the opposite is true 🤔

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