Travel hell

I just need to rant for a second, please forgive me.

Yesterday I flew DEN-DFW-OKC. The Oklahoma leg was delayed because we were missing a copilot and by the time we got one, DFW was on a weather slowdown. I made it to my site on time only because I’d left an hour and a half buffer to travel 2.5 miles.


Last night I was scheduled for OKC-DFW-MCO. My flight out of Oklahoma was delayed, likely due to a cascade of issues that started on the morning flight. We eventually arrived 3 hours late into DFW and I did not get to Orlando at all.

I convinced American to transfer me to a United flight this morning because I desperately need to be in Tampa for an inspection today. They booked me on DFW-IAH-MCO.


I’m currently sitting on a plane at a gate in Houston with a mechanical issue and I’m ready to scream.

(And for the record, tonight I need to fly MCO-RDU, then RDU-DTW-DEN tomorrow. So ain’t nobody got time for this.)


Update: mechanical issue reportedly fixed, just need to do paperwork to leave. Fingers crossed.

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