This past week my wife and I left the kids with Grandpa and Nana and went to a wedding in Houston, with a diversion to New Orleans, where my wife and I met as undergrads. Rental was a Kia. It was a car. No pics, nothing else needs to be said about it.


22 hours in new Orleans, and the final food telly came out to a cup of seafood gumbo, bowl of chicken andouille gumbo, crawfish etouffe, bread pudding, fried alliy, fried boudin balls, rabbit and dumplings, smoked ham hock, beignets, and fried oysters. Good all around.


In Texas, the cheapest rental option is a truck. We were given the choice of a frontier (pass), taco (maybe), or gladiator (hell yes). I love the damn thing. Could it do all truck things? Probably not, with it's small bed. But I could do a home Depot run with the top down. For camping or mountain biking, this thing would be amazing. Only hiccup was when I out the top down on a morning coffee run, pulled into the hotel parking garage, and didn't have the overhead clearance to raise it again. Oops.

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