I work in the Lansing area, and rarely enter MSU territory campus. Today I was asked to pick something up at Best Buy. Eagerly I hoped for some cool cars, but I only found two that I thought were worth sharing.

First up is this....VW something (I’m not to knowledgable on VWs, sorry). They took some creative approaches to it. Black spoiler, blue rims, and I think a red grill. The plus side is that you’ll never lose it in a parking lot.

Next up is this BMW in this gorgeous color. It had a M badge, but I know BMW owners love to be badge-slap-happy, so no idea if it’s true. Still, fantastic color.


And this is why I ventured into MSU, to pick up a cd of my wife’s favorite female vocalist. She’s super happy I got it too. Bonus points for me. If im going to screw something up, I should do it soon, while she’s more forgiving. :)