I’ll be traveling on US-29 and I-81 to buy a car on 10/28. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly. If not, I might need some help. Details after the jump.

I’m going on an adventure to possibly purchase a Porsche 944 Turbo. Details on that in the post below. I figured that I’d post this to cover myself. I’ll be traveling along the blue route above from Lynchburg, VA to Hagerstown, MD and then back to Lynchburg. I’ve rented Toyota Camry that I’ll be dropping off in Hagerstown if I like the 944. I plan on leaving at 9AM 10/28 and meeting the seller at 1PM.

This 944 Turbo has 250,000 miles on it, and while it’s supposed to be mechanically sound, It’s still a 27 year old car. I’d hate to get stranded on my trip. Wish me luck! I’ll be checking this post as often as I can.


10/28 8:28AM: Dressed and showered. About to go load up some basic tools into the Camry. Thanks for the best wishes!


11:38AM: Stopped in Middletown, VA for a bathroom break.

Late night update: I diiiiiiiiiiiiiiid it. It’s mine, and it’s home.