Treating myself

Beef medallions on artichoke hearts with steamed mushroom caps and bernaise. Mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables, and bread with olive tapenade.

I am drinking Peroni. I had a Gentleman Jack and may have another.

I drove as far across town as you can here (that part was fun) to watch my son in a drumline competition (also fun). I had to go pick up the food for the kids and pay for it, which was less fun. I have been paying for a lot this winter for this team because our band booster program is run by some theiving motherfuckers who hide their thievery behind their love of Jesus. I missed the part of the bible where you get to steal from kids if you are a pastor.


What the fuck do I know? I am just the sleazy lawyer who gets all that bad press. These are people of esteem in the community.

Where the fuck is that bourbon?

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