Tree sap [updated]

What do you all use to remove tree sap from you car?

Unfortunately, my Daily is parked beneath a Pine tree and has several bits of tree sap stuck and in some cases dried on it. I have a bottle of goo gone that has worked with limited success on the glass but it still seems to require a lot of elbow grease. Has anyone found anything that works better?


I’m seriously considering removing the tree when it comes time to replace this DD.

Update: Thank you all for the suggestions. I went to work on it this weekend and found that WD-40 is a step up from Goo-Gone for sure. But if you have really stubborn stuff, save yourself a-lot of time and effort and cut right to carb cleaner. Spray a little on the rag you are using and almost instantly that sap/tar or whatever is stuck on your car is gone.


I washed and waxed it immediately after since I like the paint where it is currently at.

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