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Trek Thursday

This month we’ll be in the Delta Quadrant starting with my favorite episode from Voyager: Living Witness (not only for the Doctor doing what he does best: being flustered), but also for Janeway’s supervillainy lines being so quotable.

Captain Janeway comes into her own as Warlord Janeway! Everybody’s more evil, ruthless and hammy from evil Tuvok’s smirk, Chakotaky’s hilariously big facial tattoo, the cold emotionless android Doctor, Seven as the leader of Janeway’s Borg death squad, and even Neelix not screwing up. Even Harry is getting his licks in. Wait a minute...

Ugh never mind, even in the aliens’ fictionalized depiction of Voyager, he’s still a bitch. It seems Harry never catches a break.


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