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Trek Thursday

Since I couldn’t post last week; it’s a double dose of Trek goodness today!

First for rounding out our little sojourn in the Delta Quadrant for now is Message in A Bottle, the first showcase of the USS Prometheus, the best looking Starfleet “tactical ship” aka warship.

It even has its multi-vector assault mode, which as a kid I thought was pretty damn cool; it was like a spaceship transformer and looked cooler than the Galaxy’s saucer separation nonsense. However, now all I see is one giant clusterfuck of an engineering problem all based on a flawed conclusion of a swarm ship premise. But that doesn’t detract from enjoying this Doctor focused episode, especially with the revelation that he has been “experimenting” with his anatomy.

Now speaking of warships, we go back to the Alpha Quadrant for TNG where I can present my favorite ship in all of the Star Trek shows. This ship may or may not even be based on an actual Husnock warship or it could be some new design imagined into existence by the fevered dreams of a mad god. 

This is from TNG’s “The Survivors”, where Picard and company encounter a being who possesses reality warping powers, basically a minor god. He happens to be impersonating a human and sort of committed genocide in a fit of anger. After finding out, Picard does what any sane person would do and politely GTFO.

As for why I like the ship, its the closest any Trek ship has gotten to an ISD, which in my mind is the DEFINITIVE space battleship. Plus its even got a mini Death Star superlaser built right in. What’s not to love?


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