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Trek Thursday

A bunch of the old Star Trek movies are available on Amazon Prime and I was watching The Undiscovered Country for Shakespeare in the original Klingon and the climax struck me as odd. The whole affair with emission seeking photon torpedo being something that Bones and Spock had to jury rig together to defeat General Chang’s cloaked Bird of Prey seems out of place.

I mean missiles nowadays usually come in two flavors, active seeker and passive seeker along with maybe command or semi command guidance at launch. Some newer ones even come with multimode seekers allowing the operator more options.


But apparently, almost 300 years in the future, passive seekers on photon torpedoes are either unheard of or are not standard.

And neither is any form of counterbattery radar nor anti-aircraft missiles nor chaff nor decoys not point defense, etc.. Sometimes I wonder just how ludicrously profitable and deadly warfare could be if Lockheed, Northrop or any other defense contractor were present in the Star Trek universe. They’d make a killing

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